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Premiere Show: Interview with Fern Grogh 105 yrs old, Lee Lavine 79 yrs old and Julius Howell 103 yrs old where they are discussing their lives and some of the challenges they have faced growing up in the early and late 1900's.
Thank you to Olderberries- (Lee Ravine), Sheryl Beck- (Fern Grogh) and
Tsnore- (Julius Howell) for your awesome work in your videos. 

The Mestres sit down with other Capoeiristas to cover such topics as: Nestor Capoeira's personal history, the early history of the Ginga and Berimbau, the rise and evolution of contemporary Capoeira in Brasil..
This music documentary tell the story of popular music artist such as Aretha Franklin, James Brown, Bootsy Collins and more while discussing the trials and tribulation of their pursuit of fame .

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